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Goddess of the Moon - A Diana Racine Psychic Suspense - Book 2

Exciting and Thought Provoking - It's an exciting book, with lots of thrills and surprises, and the hero and heroine are clever, resourceful and have to use every trick in the book to survive. Read it and you'll keep thinking about the characters for a long time afterwards. ~ Geoffrey West, author of Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

In the Tradition of Tami Hoag - I just finished Goddess of the Moon. The first book with Diana was Mind Games.  They are both great! If you love suspense, well written with compelling characters, you must read these two books! I love novels about psychics helping the police and using their 'gift' for good, and Ms. Iyer does not disappoint. The suspense nearly killed me, but I survived! You will love these books. Note: Read Mind Games first! ~ B.J. King

Great Read - Polly Iyer does wonders with an unusual topic. Even if you can guess part of the ending, the rest will surprise you. ~ Audra Brown

Sexy, Edgy Cliffhanger - Diana Racine is an appealing, engaging main character. Loved her. Lot's of suspense and "heat" here. Great villains. A good book to take on vacation. ~ Donna Campbell

A Must Read - I like to think of myself as a hard-to-please critic when it comes to my reviews of romance books. For a book in this particular genre to receive a 5-star rating from me, it has to be more than just good. It has to be over-the-top, brought-tears-to-my-eyes, oh-no-she-didn't, laugh-out-loud, and you-gotta-love-him GOOD!  ~ Not now...Mommy's Reading. Check out Mommy's blog

This One Hooked Me - If you love a romantic suspense with funny, loveable and believable lead characters, look no further, because Hooked is all that and more. ~ Beth Anderson, author of Raven Talks Back and other mysteries

Fast, Fun and Full of Chuckles - Hooked offers the perfect blend of suspense, romance and humor. ~ Linda Lovely, author of  the Marley Clark mystery series   

Tawny's My Kind of Gal - I chuckled and chortled my way through Tawny's attempt to free herself from the clutches of the IRS by doing just one simple job for the feds. Right. ~ Eileen Hamer, author of Chicago Stories: West of Western

Carried Away - The best writers carry us along to a point where we are outside our comfort zone. As an inveterate "cozy" reader, I took a chance on this sometimes violent thriller and have no regrets.  ~ Barbara Williams

Unique character coupling gives the reader a passionate unveiling of the world of both the deaf and the blind. I just finished Polly Iyer's book in less than two days, because I couldn't put it down. She has a talent for developing unusual and outstanding characters. ~ Laurel Dumas

Page Turner - This book grabs you with the blurb - a blind heroine and a deaf hero and once you begin reading you don't want to stop. The plot is exciting and intricate with an unexpected twist. ~ Rebecca George, author of So Whispers The Heart

Triumph of the Human Spirit - Iyer tackles a delicate subject, vision and sound loss, creating complex characters who are determined not to be throw-away people. Their uphill journey reveals much about the resiliency of the human race. InSight is a book that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. ~ Muddy Rose Reviews

Mind Games - A Diana Racine Psychic Suspense - Book 1
Polly Iyer never misses a beat. Terrific book! - Mind Games is an outstanding suspense novel. Iyer is a fine writer, and here she's at her best. This book ranks with Karin Slaughter's or Mo Hayder's; though the violence is less graphic, it's just as powerful. ~ Ellis Vidler, author of Haunting Refrain, Cold Comfort, and short story collection, Tea in the Afternoon.

Page Turner - The plot involves one woman's remarkable gift for which she is used and abused, and one skeptical cop, who learns to believe in her. I loved this book. There is tension on every page, which is released in the very satisfying ending. Miss Iyer writes well and must know psychology because I'd dub this novel a Psychological Thriller. Bravo! ~ E. B. Davis, check out her blog: 

Mind Games is a Winner! - Mind Games proves to be the perfect title for this super-suspenseful page turner. It's a cat and mouse game with an obsessed killer, and Diana Racine, a spunky, passionate, intelligent, insightful woman is no mouse. ~ W. Linstad

A Must Read - In Mind Games as well as all her other books, she develops characters that become a part of your imagination. ~ Brenda Fleming

Murder Déjà Vu

Best New Romantic Suspense for 2012 - Catherine Coulter move over! Polly Iyer has a winner in this romantic suspense novel. ~ R.P Dahlke, author of The Dead Red and Sailing Mysteries

Polly Iyer Does it Again - I just finished reading Murder Déjà Vu for the second time, and I have to say it's one of the best suspense books I've read. ~ Lynda Fitzgerald, author of Live Ringer, Live Ammo, and If Truth Be Told.

Astonishing Read - Murder Déjà Vu is a wonderful mixture of great plot, great characters and great twists. It is also full of romance and suspense. ~ Jan Christensen, author of Revelations and the Artie Crime Series.

Nail-biting Suspense and Tension - This one kept me readng far too late into the night and biting my fingernails. Nicely done, Polly Iyer! ~ Judy Alter, author of the Kelly O'Connell mystery series and dozens more.

Most Excellent Read - This book comes toward the top of the charts for books I've granted 5 star ratings in 2012. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed the storyline, the characters and the pursuit of justice, regardless of personal cost. ~ Norma Budden, author of the An Affair to Remember and the Freedom in Love Series

Murder, Suspense, and Romance - Polly Iyer's Murder Déjà Vu delivers every thing a reader would want in an intense romantic/suspense story. ~ Nash Black, author of Sandprints of Death


Like Sandra Brown or Tami Hoag - Try Polly Iyer - There's heart pounding suspense, and a love connection that is played out just right, and I see Polly Iyer becoming one of the greats of Romantic Suspense ~ All Mystery Newsletter

Threads - I have never read a book by Polly Iyer that I did not like, and this book is no exception. ~ Paula Campbell

Good Suspense Novel - I've read all her books. This was the last one. I love her writing and all the suspense that goes with it. Have loved the read for all 6 books. Looking forward to more. ~ Mel, Amazon review

Keeps Us in the Plot - I loved the ending which didn't leave me trying to figure our what the future holds and was led through the post plot with great success! Absolutely an astute writer!! ~ Automotive Associates - Amazon Review                 


Backlash - A Diana Racine Psychic Suspense - Book 3
Mystery with Class - Backlash will offer a breath taking ending that will be on Iyer's readers minds long after they finish reading her book. This mystery, thriller, hear-stopping story of murder and intrigue earns my recommendation as a must read.

Another winner - I  love the Diana Racine series. Polly Iyer has done it again with the best book so far. Can't wait for the next book. ~ Amazon Customeread and a 5 star ranking. ~ John W. Kurtze - Amazon Review

Indiscretion ~ A Kindle Scout Winner
                                   Great Read - Romance, mystery, betrayal, back-stabbing, mayhem, and all in the world of fine art? ~ Elizabeth. Amazon customer
                                            Her Best Yet -
She has created the perfect insidious setup incriminating Zoe Swan and her husband David. ~ E. Douts
The Scent of Murder  - A Diana Racine Psychic Suspense - Book 4
  Two Mysteries, One Fun Read  Polly Iyer's The Scent of Murder offers suspense/mystery readers a great two-fer as psychic Diana Racine and her detective lover attempt to find out what's happened to two women who've disappeared. ~ Linda Lovely 

The Ending Is Both Happy and Sad,
Leaving Me Wanting to Read On – The Sign of a Great Book I enjoy reading a book that holds my attention from the first page and keep it to the end. Iyer did that with The Scent of Murder. ~ John Charles

we are but WARRIORS


Fast-paced Thriller, Complex Plot, Multi-layered Characters -- we are but WARRIORS is intense, fast-paced, and full of surprises, elements a reader expects from any good thriller. What sets it a notch above most is the skill with which Ms. Iyer paints her characters without slowing down the action. In addition to the American brothers, there are two strong, capable women - one a Jew and one an Arab. Both are honorable and committed to finding a solution to the violence that plagues their common homeland. ~ Sandra Carey Cody

Page Turner -- It was a page-turner and kept me interested to see what was coming next. Lots of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. There was so much going on that I'm sure it was not an easy book to write. I have read all her books. I think this is the best one! ~ Bernice Ilmrud

A Taut International Thriller -- A well-written, edge-of-your-seat-action follows the Lowes as they try to keep the Landaus from the assassin's bullets...but who's paying the assassin? I love Iyer's stories, and this one kept me up all night. Highly recommended. ~ Michele Drier